Division of Psychology Training


Undergraduates seeking research or clinical experience

Placements are regularly made for students obtaining course credit or volunteering in various labs. These opportunities can provide a mix of research and clinical experience helpful in meeting college requirements, preparing for graduate school, or exploring your future career interests. Please apply here.


Undergraduates seeking a graduate training program

Students seeking a doctorate level degree in Clinical Psychology can apply to the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program.

Students interested in cognitive and behavioral neurosicence research often enter the Behavioral Neuroscience doctoral program.



Graduate students seeking research or clinical experience

Numerous opportunities are available for clinical practica and research involvement. Please search the faculty page using the search terms to identify faculty members with clinical or research interests related to your needs and contact them directly with your inquires. For Graduate students interested in clinical internship, two accredited clinical psychology internships are offered on the Hill.

A generalist clinical psychology internship within the VA setting, that provides training in neuropsychology, chronic mental illness, PTSD, and primary care.

Three training programs--Predoctoral Internship, Postdoctoral Fellowship and Practicum training comprise the LEND Training Program. It is geared toward preparing pediatric, developmental and medically focused psychologists.


Graduate students and Interns seeking post-doctoral fellowships

Numerous opportunities are available including, but not limited to the following:

  • OHSU hosts two NIH funded T32 training grants for research that are affiliated with the Centers on Alcoholism and Methamphetamine. Learn more about the Behavioral Neuroscience postdoctorial training program
  • The VA has several clinical postdoctoral slots in the areas of neuropsychology, palliative care and polytrauma.
  • Research post doctoral positions frequently open up in individual faculty labs—use the key word search function in the faculty page to identify potential matches and contact those faculty members about any current opportunities.