Dr. Petereit, a visiting faculty scholar to the OHSU Radiation Medicine Department, fall of 2018

11/12/18  Portland, Ore.

 Dr. Daniel G. Petereit, Prof. of radiation oncology at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine [Midwest Medical] [Regional Health], was a visiting faculty scholar to the OHSU Radiation Medicine Department in the fall of 2018. Dr. Petereit is the president of the American Brachytherapy Society [Board] and taught members of our Dept about updates in gynecologic & GU oncology brachytherapy.

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He gave a research seminar titled "Addressing Cancer Disparities in the Northern Plains American Indian Population - The Walking Forward Program" [Flier]. The seminar can be viewed here. Dr. Petereit is a recognized leader in bringing pragmatic cancer clinical trials to the Native American and rural population of the Black Hills/Rapid City region of South Dakota [NIH]. The Walking Forward program [Regional Health][NCBI] is a model of high quality care. He has published extensively on access to radiotherapy care for Native American populations as well as state-of-the-art brachytherapy care [NCBI]. Finally, under the Avera Health & the Walking Forward Program, Dr. Petereit spearheads multiple active research collaborations with the Precision Medicine/SMMART translational research program along with the Cancer Prevention & Control research program of the Knight Cancer Institute.