OHSU Global Radiation Medicine program co-authors oral presentation at ASCO 2018 annual meeting

03/30/18  Portland, Ore.

 The Global Radiation Medicine program, led by Dr. Timur Mitin [Mitin Lab] has been selected to present their original research at the Innovative Approaches to Oncology Education session during the 2018 ASCO annual meeting for a collaboration between US & Russian radiation oncologists. The lead author is Dr. Natalia Dengina pictured in center, flanked by Drs. Timur Mitin and Marina Chernich.

The citation listing is: Dengina N, McClelland S 3rd, Chernich M, Gillespie E, Likhacheva A, Usychkin S, Pankratov A, Kharitonova E, Egorova Y, Tsimafeyeu I, Tjulandin S, Thomas CR Jr, Mitin T: Bridging the Gap in Global Advanced Radiation Oncology Training: Impact of a Free Internet-Based Contouring Program on Radiation Oncology in Russia. Abstract 11001, American Society of Clinical Oncology, 54th Annual Meeting, Journal of Clinical Oncology 36(18S), in press, 2018.