Dr. Mitin is co-PI of CRUK CEDAR Spark Award for his proposal

08/31/18  Portland, Ore.

 Dr. Mitin is co-PI of CRUK (Cancer Research UK)-OHSU/Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research Center (CEDAR) Spark Award for his proposal titled "Amplicon deep sequencing of urinary DNA for the early detection of recurrence following chemoradiotherapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer ("AmpseqUr-RT"). The $20,000.00 grant award is based upon the novel hypothesis that earlier detection of recurrence in patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer who have undergone chemoradiotherapy. As such, Dr. Mitin and his team will assess the diagnostic utility of AmpseqUR in this setting. AmpseqUr utilizes the commonest urothelial bladder cancer-associated somatic mutations and amplifies the loci of interest by multiplex PCR and identifies mutations by targeted next-generation sequencing of the amplicons. Congratulations to Dr. Mitin