Dr. Tanyi has been appointed by the AAPM to serve on Task Group No. 234

09/07/18  Portland, Ore.

 Dr. Tanyi has been appointed by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) to serve on Task Group No. 234 _ Task Group on the Management of Respiratory Motion in Radiation Oncology [AAPM]. The goal of this Task Group is to provide a concise updated report of AAPM TG 76: "The management of respiratory motion in radiation oncology" that reflects new technology, new knowledge and practice changes since the original 2006 publication. The updated report will include an updated literature review, new respiratory motion management technologies that have emerged and are clinically practiced, and revised recommendations of clinical processes and quality assurance. To have as broad an impact as possible, and not to overlap with existing task groups, the report will be restricted to technologies available to most clinics: 4D CT scanner, TPS, C-arm linac with gantry-mounted x-ray guidance. Congratulations to Dr. Tanyi!