New Director of Radiation Oncology and Administrator for the Department of Radiation Medicine

05/27/16  Portland, Ore.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that on July 11th,  Jennifer Ruocco, Ph.D., will be transitioning to the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute as Director of our Radiation Oncology Department and Administrator for the Department of Radiation Medicine. As this is a critical inflection point in the evolution of clinical cancer programs, we are delighted to welcome a multi-talented leader to help us successfully navigate and grow in today's highly competitive health care environment. Jennifer's current role at OHSU is VP and Chief Integrity Officer. In this role she has provided OHSU leadership for organizational integrity and compliance, including internal audit, clinical enterprise integrity, environmental health and radiation safety, information privacy and security, conflicts of interest, and research integrity. She  has successfully served OHSU in this role for four years, which has allowed her to interact with a broad spectrum of intramural and extramural stakeholders. In addition to holding graduate degrees in health law and education, Jen is currently pursuing her MBA in healthcare as she transitions her career towards the rapidly evolving arena of clinical care, research  and  healthcare operations.  Jennifer's new position will allow her to partner with us in fostering her philosophy of consistent communication and teamwork in order to expedite innovation and efficiency. Clearly, she brings a focus that aligns with the core missions of Radiation Medicine programs, Knight Cancer Institute, and broader OHSU community.

Please join us in welcoming Jen to her new position.

We also want to thank Dorothy Ryan, Jeff Hanson and Wolfram Laub who have assumed additional responsibilities during this transition time. It takes a team to provide quality patient care and we have one of the best at OHSU!