In Memoriam: Dr. William T. Moss, Chairman Emeritus

06/01/15  Portland, Ore.

It is with great sadness that we inform you all of the passing of Dr. William T. Moss, Emeritus Chair of the Department of Radiation Medicine at OHSU.  Dr. Moss was the second Department Chair and served from July 1974-July 1989


Memorial service was held at 2pm, Sat. 6/20/2015 at the Chapel of Holy Names Provincial House at Mary's Woods, 17400 Holy Names Dr, Lake Oswego, OR 97034.

Dr. Moss was considered one the pioneers within our specialty of Radiation Medicine and this is a great loss to our institution and community.

Some of Dr. Moss’ accomplishments include being award the ASTRO Gold Medal in 1981 and The American Radium Society’s Gold Medal, as well as writing and editing Therapeutic Radiology Rationale, Technique, Results.

Memorial Comments:

  • Dr. Moss was a wonderful and warm man, a true "mensch" in the vernacular of my grandparents, and he had a long, good, and productive life.  It was a pleasure to have known him personally. I first met him at our monthly meetings of the Metropolitan Association of Radiation Therapists (MART) in Chicago in 1973. Later that year, or maybe in 1974, he invited me to drop off my first ASTRO abstract at his home, so I would meet the deadline. But most significantly, Carol Marquez and I had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Bill for the ASTRO Oral History Project of the ASTRO History Committee, and hearing his first hand accounts of his wonderful career in radiation oncology.
- Martin Colman, MD, FRCR, FACR, FACRO
John Sealy Distinguished Centennial Chair
Professor and Chairman Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Texas Medical Branch301 University Blvd., Galveston, TX 77555-1178

  • I remember meeting Bill when I interviewed OHSU as a possible resident and have enjoyed all subsequent interactions with him. He was always a real gentleman and one of the true greats in our field.
- George Laramore, MD

  • Bill Moss - physician, leader, and educator, was a role model to many of the current and more senior Radiation Oncology leaders, and as such will continue to influence the generations to come. He touched the hearts of many and was loved by all. He impressed us with his enormous fund of knowledge, his calm nature, and the kindness he so readily displayed. We have lost a true pioneer. We all must strive to work hard to retain the qualities he exhibited so well.
- Sarah Donaldson, MD

  • I was one of Dr. Moss' many resident physicians, finishing my training with him in 1990. Those years with him and Dr. Ken Stevens gave me an excellent start to a satisfying career as a radiation oncologist. I will always carry with me good memories of his kindness, intelligence, great seriousness about his profession, and his good sense of humor.
- Robert D. Pfeffer, M.D.

  • I remember Dr. Moss fondly as the "gentleman and scholar" of radiation oncology. I fell in love with the specialty as a medical student when at the end of my second year at Northwestern University Medical School in 1973, I did a summer externship sponsored by the American Cancer Society. During my time in Dr. Moss' department, I was impressed by the specialty. What other field had the goals of curing cancer and relieving pain? When Dr. Moss moved to Oregon, I asked, really begged, if I could be a resident in his program. During those training years the residents would often talk about his words of advice, what we called his "Pearls of Wisdom." These were not so much how to treat cancer, but more what to expect in the practice of medicine. One of his sayings was: Never expect your first job to be your last. I guess I was the exception to that rule. After finishing training in 1979, I spent the next 34 years in the Radiation Oncology Department at City of Hope Medical Center until I retired in 2013.
- Richard Pezner, MD