Joint OSU/OHSU Graduate Program in Medical Physics has received CAMPEP re-accreditation thru 2015

01/08/14  Portland, Ore.

Program co-directors, Drs. Wolfram Laub & Krystina Tack are shown with the certificate. 

03 CAMPEP laub and tack 2015 01 CAMPEP certificate thru 2015 02 CAMPEP thomas laub tack 2015

The commission of Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP) exists to promote consistent quality education of medical physicists by evaluating and accrediting Graduate, Residency and Continuing Education programs that meet high standards established by CAMPEP in collaboration with its sponsoring organizations. CAMPEP is a nonprofit organization whose objectives are the review and accreditation of educational programs in medical physics. 

Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process of peer review, the objective of which is to ensure a program or institution has met a defined standard. Thus accreditation serves as public recognition that a program provides a quality service or education. Accreditation is sometimes confused with certification. In general, institutions and programs are accredited and individuals are certified. Some examples of types of institutions that may be accredited are health care institutions such as hospitals and educational institutions such as colleges or universities. 

More information on general accreditation of healthcare organizations can be found from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ( and of higher education from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation ( CAMPEP offers specialized accreditation of medical physics educational programs such as degree-granting programs, clinical residencies, continuing education and short courses. In some instances, CAMPEP accreditation of a program may permit students to receive funding in the form of scholarships, loans or grants. The Process of CAMPEP accreditation of degree granting and clinical training programs requires that the program submits a self assessment report giving evidence of compliance with requirements. 

After review of this report, a survey team conducts a program site visit to validate the assessment. If successful, accreditation is granted for a period of 5 years. Renewal requires submission of an updated self assessment report. The Survey Team consists of senior medical physicists with experience in both clinical practice and educational programs. Generally, the survey team will also include a physician. Medical Physics is the application of physics and related sciences to the practice of medicine. More information on medical physics may be obtained from the 4 sponsoring organizations of CAMPEP.”