Dr. William Moss was recently interviewed by The Scribe

04/14/13  Portland, Ore.

William T MossDr. William Moss, OHSU Dept chair-emeritus and ASTRO Gold Medalist, was recently interviewed  by The Scribe.   

Dr. Moss, now 95 years young, and very sharp intellectually, served as chair of the Department from 1974 - 1992. 

He also wrote the seminal textbook, "MOSS' RADIATION ONCOLOGY: RATIONALE, TECHNIQUE, & RESULTS" (CV Mosby Co, 1959). This pioneering reference text is now in its 9th edition.

The house staff alumni organization is aptly named the William Moss and Kenneth Stevens Resident Alumni Society in honor of our 2 immediate past Department chairs. 

Dr. Moss can be seen pictured with faculty, staff, & friends of the Department, at the grand opening of the current Department in June 2007, at the link below.