Mr. Kyle Gallagher is the Inaugural ARCS Radiation Medicine Scholar for 2013

09/13/13  Portland, Ore.

Mr. Kyle Gallagher is the inaugural ARCS Radiation Medicine Scholar for 2013. Kyle received his BA in physics from the University of Colorado. He is now a graduate student in the combined medical physics program that is run by the OHSU division of medical physics and the department of nuclear engineering and radiation health physics at Oregon State University.  

His research centers on the mechanisms underlying the biological impact of varying types of radiations, specifically the relative biological effectiveness of protons. ARCS Foundation was founded in 1958 to address what was recognized as the critical future and need for U.S. scientists and engineers. ARCS Foundation invests in outstanding U.S. scholars completing degrees in science, engineering and medical research. 

One hundred percent of scholar award contributions — from corporations, endowments, individuals, the all-women volunteer members of ARCS Foundation and money designated for Chapters’ Scholar Funds — goes to fund these outstanding scholars. Many alums of ARCS Foundation funding have entered the nation’s government agencies and corporations to work on the advancement of U.S. science and technology - continually supporting U.S. competitive leadership. 

Congratulations, Kyle!