Professor Krzysztof Bujko was a visiting faculty scholar at OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute

01/25/16  Portland, Ore.

 Professor Krzysztof Bujko from the radiotherapy program in the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center in Warsaw, one of the preeminent academic radiation oncologists in all of eastern Europe, was a visiting faculty scholar at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute's department of radiation medicine in Jan 2016. 

Professor Bujko gave a seminar titled, "Conventional Preoperative Chemoradiation vs 5 x 5 Gy and Consolidation Chemotherapy for Nonresectable Rectal Cancer: Results of a Randomized Phase III Study", which can be viewed at the following:

He later met with housestaff, faculty, and leaders from the OHSU family.

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