Radiation Medicine Celebrates Resident Graduation and Department Awards

07/21/14  Portland, Ore.

June 11th, 2014 the Radiation Medicine Department said goodbye to our three chief residents, Joe Waller MD, Sravi Chennupati MD and Faisal Siddiqui MD

We also celebrated our 2014 Department Awards with the following people being honored: 

Charles McCracken, B.S., RT, (R)(T), CMD - The William T. Moss Excellence in Teaching Award 

Ron Maggiore, MD - Radiation Medicine Interdisciplinary Excellence in Teaching Award 

Linea Dymond - Platinum Baton Award 

Katelyn Atkins, MD - Outstanding Medical Student 

Brandon Dyer, MD - Outstanding Medical Student 

Kristina Young, MD PhD - Resident Research Award 

Sophia Bornstein, MD PhD - Resident Research Award 

Susha Pillai, M.Sc, DABR - Outstanding Physics Teacher Award

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