Drs. Timur Mitin and Alex Guimaraes are co-PIs of the Esophageal Cancer Research award

05/22/15  Portland, Ore.

Kristina Young, MD, PhD has received a 2015 RSNA Research Seed Grant for her proposal (RSD1552) titled “Targeting Cancer Associated Fibroblasts to Enhance Radiation Efficacy.” Previously, she has received an ASCO Young Investigator Award and RSNA Research Resident/Fellow grant.

Congratulations, Dr. Young!”


Principal Investigator Kristina Young, MD, PhD
Grant Program: RSNA Research Seed Grant
Application ID: RSD1552
Title: Targeting Cancer Associated Fibroblasts to enhance Radiation Efficacy
Application Date: January 2015
Study Section: Radiation Oncology Research Study Section
Study Section Outcome: Overall Impact Score = 28
Board of Trustees Funding Decision: Funded
Grant Amount $40,000 over two years, starting July 2015