Medical Student Simulation

Simulation Program at OHSU

The medical student simulation programs designed to increase clinical proficiency in both technical and non-technical skills.  The simulation events facilitate linking patient symptoms, exam findings and management plans to students' knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology and pharmacology.  The simulations range from e-chart management, invasive procedural training on manikins and tabletop simulators to interactions with standardized patients.


Suturing Workshop

First and second year students have the opportunity to develop their knot tying and suturing skills in a month long workshop that meets once a week for an hour. During this course they are taught the basics and given time to practice and build upon their skills. Students who participate in the Introduction to Surgery I & II courses are given priority when registering for this workshop, as space is limited.

Students can register for this course on the Sakai website.

Third Year Clerkship

During orientation day for the third year required clerkship, students are introduced to basic surgical skills via VirtuOHSU.  Students learn the basics of suture selection, instrument handling, knot tying, suturing and laparoscopic equipment.  Faculty and resident preceptors aid students as they practice their skills.

Transition to Clerkship

As students approach their third year, there are two workshops to complete during the Transition to Clerkship Week. The first is Scrubbing, Gowning, and Gloving. Students enter the operating rooms and learn proper scrubbing, gowning, and gloving techniques from nurses and surgical technicians. This also serves to expose students to the operating room and operating instruments.

The second workshop is Suturing and Punch Biopsy. Students begin with knot tying and transition to suturing on boards. In addition, wound repair and punch biopsy exercises are completed on pig's feet.  The workshop is led by both surgical and family practice faculty.Simulation Program at OHSU

Continuity Curriculum

Third year students have the opportunity to learn chest tube insertion during the Continuity Curriculum Week. A porcine rib simulation set up is used to simulate a student inserting a chest tube into a human body. This provides a preview before the actual clinical experience.

Transition to Surgical Internship

Fourth year students are offered a Transition to Surgical Internship course, which focuses on preparation of fourth year students for surgical internship.  It includes simulation of such techniques as endoscopy, suturing, knot tying and bowel anastomosis.

Most simulations are held at the Department of Surgery VirtuOHSU lab.

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