Trauma Research Associates Program (T-RAP)

A Prospective Registry of Complications in Critically-Ill Trauma and Surgical Patients

Principal Investigator
Laszlo Kiraly, M.D.

Study Purpose
The purpose of this study is to determine the incidence of and the risk factors for acquiring venous thromboembolism (DVT and/or PE), pneumonia, and wound infections in trauma and acute care surgery patients admitted to our Level I trauma center and to create a secure research repository for use in future retrospective research studies.

Specific Aims
  • Identify risk factors for these complications and assign a relative risk for each factor
  • Perform comparative effectiveness analyses of various complication prevention practice management guidelines
  • Perform comparative effectiveness analyses of the treatment of established DVT, PE, pneumonia, and wound infection in patients suffering multisystem trauma
  • Examine cost-data and patient-centered experiences related to the type of prophylactic measures utilized and the treatment of VTE complications including post-phlebitic syndrome and pulmonary complications associated with PE
  • Define the role of surveillance for post-injury VTE

Study Procedure
We propose to compile a prospective registry of complications in critically-ill patients admitted to our TICU. The data we will collect includes patient demographics, diagnoses (reason for ICU admit), mechanism of injury, blood pressure and heart rate, fluid intake and output (I/O), central line information, lab values, medications, transfusions, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) workup, DVT prophylaxis, DVT treatment, and surgeries and complications.  Patients will be tracked on admission and then daily thereafter for development of ICU complications and associated risk factors. We plan to retrospectively analyze the data from our registry to determine which factors may place patients at higher risks for ICU associated complications.

This study uses existing charts and medical records of the patients admitted to the Trauma and General Surgery services. The aim of this study is to analyze data from all patients on these services. We estimate that we will accumulate 3,000 patients per year based on the average number of admissions to the ICU's each year.

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