Small Town, Big Opportunities

Megan M. Frost, M.D., Grants Pass, Oregon

Megan M. Frost, M.D.

I decided to accept the opportunity to participate in the Grants Pass rural surgery rotation upon the recommendation of a friend of mine who had recently completed the program. I knew I wanted to stay in general surgery but was hesitant to pursue a fellowship given the work hours restrictions and surgical operations shared between increasing numbers of fellows. I hoped that a full year of general surgery in a rural setting would provide me with the confidence to practice on my own after residency. I knew that having a good foundation in rural surgery, which includes OB/GYN, urology and orthopedics, would prepare me for pursuing my interests in surgery and global health.

My experience at Grants Pass turned out to be spectacular. Not only did I participate in hundreds of operations, many of which would have been given to a fellow in the university setting, but I was allowed an incredible amount of independence in caring for patients. My operating and clinical skills matured quickly and when I returned to OHSU for my chief year I was very comfortable managing complex patients in clinic as well as technically in the operating room.

The best part about my rotation in Grants Pass, and what ultimately pulled me back to take a job in Grants Pass after residency, was the sense of community I felt in both the hospital and the town. At Three Rivers Medical Center, I knew everyone from the nurses to the pharmacists to the transporters and I think building those relationships made it easier for me to give efficient, quality care; if I needed something done I knew exactly who to call. Additionally, I was able to build relationships with the ancillary staff and learn about their families, attend family dinners at their homes and even collect eggs from their chickens!

The people of Grants Pass and the Rogue Valley are exceptionally kind and I am honored to call Grants Pass my new home.

Dr. Frost participated in the rural surgery training program in Grants Pass, Oregon from July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012. She completed her general surgery residency at OHSU on June 30, 2013.