Nutrition In A Box


Nutrition in a Box logoInspiring kids to eat nutritious foods helps them do better in school and grow into healthy, productive adults. Recognizing that schools, camps and after school programs may want to include nutrition education, but nor have the time or expertise to create their own, the OHSU Moore Institute created an engaging, hands-on curriculum. We worked with Connie Evers, M.S., R.D., who has a wealth of experience creating nutrition curriculum for kids, to make sure it was scientifically accurate but still fun. The curriculum is designed for fourth - eighth grade students. The teacher's manual, including four lessons each with multiple stations, posters, games, worksheets and manipulatives are contained in one sturdy box.

The curriculum

  • mirrors USDA Dietary Guidelines.
  • utilizes the evidence-based USDA MyPlate Guide as a model.
  • is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  • aligns with current Oregon health education standards and performance indicators.
  • has been tested in Oregon classrooms and revised based on student and teacher input.

The individual lesson plans are available to download below if you only want to use a piece of the curriculum.They include the posters, worksheets and games. The full box has color printed versions of all this information, plus all the hands-on manipulatives like a grain grinder, grain samples, osteoporosis bone density samples and more.

Teaching Guide

The teaching guide includes information about the curriculum, an overview of all four lessons and tips for teaching the curriculum. 

 Lesson Plan 1: MyPlate Power FoodsNutrition in a Box grains poster

The "eat more" groups  - grains, fruits and vegetables
Station 1: grains
Station 2: fruits
Station 3: vegetables 

 Lesson Plan 2: MyPlate Build Foods

 The "Build you body" groups - protein and dairy
 Station 1: protein
 Station 2: dairy

 Lesson Plan 3: Winning the Balance GameNutrition In A Box drinks poster

 Finding the right fit for fats and sugars, evaluating and identifying portion sizes
Station 1: fats
Station 2: beverages
Station 3: ad busters
Station 4: portions

  Lesson Plan 4: Taking Charge of Your Choices

  Fitting in family meals, meal planning, snacking success and dining decisions
Station 3: menu planning