Nutrition Education for Health Care Professionals

One of the four founding principles of the Moore Institute is to provide education through professional training and community outreach. The Nutrition Education for Health Care Professionals Committee will facilitate the integration of nutrition education, including the key concept of the effect of early nutrition on adult disease, for health care professionals throughout the greater OHSU community.

This year the committee will be reconvening quarterly and focusing on reinvigorating the Inter-professional Nutrition-focused Student Interest Group; finalizing plans for an Inter-professional Elective Course on Obesity; incorporate patient-centered counseling to follow healthy, nutrient-rich, whole-food diets to the Metabolism Lecture Series; and “mapping” the nutrition curriculum to identify where nutrition is taught within the university and to link specific concepts to program goals and student learning objectives.

Short-term goals:
  • Use innovative, step-wise strategies to integrate nutrition education within and across the curriculum and into practice
  • Promote nutrition education as the platform to launch the collaborative OHSU inter-professional education initiative
  • Enhance the ability of health care providers trained at OHSU to efficiently and effectively transfer nutrition assessment and behavior change strategies from the classroom into practice to enhance health and wellness

Long term goal:

Offer a robust, fully integrated nutrition assessment and education training program within and across the OHSU curriculum for all health care professionals so that healthy, nutrient-rich, whole-food diets are promoted and accepted early in life, before conception, during pregnancy and lactation, through infancy, childhood, and adolescence and into adulthood.