Nutrition Consortium

The Moore Institute Nutrition Consortium was formed to bring nutrition-oriented groups in Oregon together as partners of the Institute, to share their knowledge and resources, to seek new collaborations and to use their collective voices to specifically address the diets and social conditions of girls, women of reproductive age and infants in the state of Oregon in order to improve the health of future generations.

The first Nutrition Consortium Forum was held on June 5, 2013, to share information and gain understanding of the work already underway by members of the scientific community and the food and nutrition community of Oregon. 80 participants were present. The energy and enthusiasm of the group was inspiring and the Consortium was excited to learn about the good work of participating organizations and to hear participants’ ideas on how the Institute can collaborate with groups statewide to improve the health of future generations in Oregon. The discussions were rich and feedback was thoughtful and informative. 

Since the first forum, the Nutrition Consortium has met to review the evaluations and recommendations that came from the small and large group discussions to inform future Forums. They actively planned a second Nutrition Consortium Forum in Corvallis for public and private nutrition program employees and volunteers in Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties. The free event was held at the Corvallis – Benton County Library on April 16, 2014, in Corvallis, Oregon and was co-hosted by Benton County Health Services and the OSU Moore Family Center. More details will be provided soon about the outcomes of the second forum. 

The Consortium has reached out to the Nutrition Council of Oregon for help in creating a database of the wide variety of groups and programs working to improve nutrition and health in Oregon. It is supporting efforts to find funding for a full-time Outreach Manager to help build the Consortium and is providing input to the Moore Institute’s strategic plan.The Consortium will continue to work with past and future forum participants in defining the collaborative roles of the Moore Institute Nutrition Consortium. Initial outreach is underway for a future Forum in the Bend area.

Please contact us if your organization would like to get involved!