Foundational Improvement Science Curriculum Program

FISC Program

Sherril Gelmon, Dr.P.H., professor of public health, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health

“Every school and program has to think about how to do improvement science to improve health.”

The Foundational Improvement Science Curriculum program trains OHSU educators to master the tools and expertise unique to teaching improvement science in both undergraduate and graduate medical education, and doctoral nursing programs. This third science builds on the traditional basic and clinical sciences.

FISC is a unique OHSU faculty development program created in 2015 to respond to the challenge of wide variability in improvement science education across OHSU health progressions programs. The variability was driven by a shortage of experienced faculty and competing demands on learners' time. In FISC, participants learn and apply the foundational concepts of improvement science though nine in-person didactic and experiential sessions over 10 months. Learning is enhanced with inter-session readings, online modules and independent projects providing hands-on training with improvement science methods.

As a result of participation in the program, faculty and education leaders develop and receive feedback on a curriculum tailored for their learners using teaching tools and resources that are relevant to their learners. The resulting curriculum will provide the participant's learners with the foundations of improvement and results in meaningful engagement in improvement work wherever they are rotating during their training and wherever they may practice after graduation.