The Admissions Committee has responsibility for decisions on the acceptance or rejection for the School of Medicine. The Admissions Committee examines each applicant’s s credentials and evaluates the following factors: pre-professional training, evidence of scholarship, Medical College Admission Test scores, personal evaluation of the student by premedical instructors and evidence of good moral character. In reaching its decisions, the committee interviews applicants selectively. Annually, the Admissions Committee reviews the applicant pool and establishes the minimum academic criteria.

Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees reviews current committee appointments and make recommendations for future committee assignments, solicits suggestions for the names of other faculty members who are considered to be especially qualified to serve on specific committees and ad-hoc committees as needed by the Dean, and advises the Dean and considers all issues in strict confidence.

Committee for Women in Academic Medicine (WAM)

The Women in Academic Medicine Committee was established as a standing committee of the School of Medicine in 1993 to address issues of concern to women faculty including career advancement, career satisfaction, participation by women on decision-making bodies at OHSU, pay equity, discrimination, and parenting and schedule flexibility issues. The perspectives of women medical and graduate students and residents are sought. Recommendations from the committee are designed to benefit all members of the School of Medicine. Learn more.

Continuing Medical Education Advisory Committee

The Continuing Medical Education Advisory Committee provides advice to that administration of the Division of Continuing Medical Education to assure that the Division’s mission is fulfilled. Its membership includes physicians from a broad range of clinical disciplines while emphasizing the primary care specialties. In addition, the state and local medical associations and the School of Medicine Curriculum Committee are represented.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee is the instrument of the School of Medicine for reviewing, discussing and revising the overall goals and objectives of the medical undergraduate curriculum and for assuring that these goals and objectives are achieved. It should provide leadership as well as coordination to departments, teaching committees, students and faculty members for the development, evaluation and maintenance of an effective, balanced and contemporary undergraduate medical curriculum. In so doing, the committee will review and act upon requests from faculty and students for additions or deletions of courses, revision in orientation of established courses, changes in class and credit hours, and course titles. In addition, the committee will continuously review the effectiveness of the current curriculum, study new ideas about medical education and valuate their usefulness.

Faculty Council

This council shall make available to the Dean informed representative faculty and departmental opinion and counsel and the affairs and problems of the Medical School, especially in areas of administrative and operational policies directly concerned with educational matters. Reports of all the standing and appropriate special committees are referred to the Faculty Council for discussion and final recommendations. In addition, the Council shall set up means whereby the jurisdiction and responsibilities of the Faculty are met through committees, council meetings and meetings of the faculty. The Faculty Council shall also decide questions relating to constitutional interpretation.

M.D./Ph.D. Committee

The M.D./Ph.D. Committee oversees the selection and academic progression of the M.D./Ph.D. students. Admissions – The M.D./Ph.D. Committee works in conjunction with the SOM Admissions Committee. The MD/PhD Committee screens applicants for interviews, interviews all applicants and an Committee representative attends the SOM Admissions Committee to present and critique each applicant and will submit a final interview score to the SOM Admissions Committee. The MD/PHD Committee prioritizes applicants for funding. The Committee oversees the student research rotation and graduate studies in the interval between acceptance into the program and entrance into a particular basic science program. After a basic science program has been selected, the committee maintains a continuing close liaison with the students, their “home base” basic science departments and the School of Medicine Promotion Board, and conducts an annual review of each student’s program.

Medical Student Progress Board

The Medical Student Progress Board is responsible for reviewing the professional development of all students enrolled in the medical student curriculum. The Board will advise the Associate Dean by recommending the promotion, dismissal, repetition of course work, or other special action for each medical student before that student may from one year to the next in the medical curriculum or be considered for graduation. The Board will refer students who are having difficulty with professional development to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs who will arrange for appropriate academic or personal counseling. The board Chairperson may appoint a special ad hoc committee of faculty to do an in-depth evaluation of a student’s professional development. The committee will report its findings to the Medical Student Progress Board. The Board will advise the Associate Dean on matters related to grading and other types of evaluations of students, on procedures and requirements for promotion, and on other matters that relate to professional development of students. The Board will hear cases of alleged violations of professional conduct referred to it by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and make recommendations to the Associate Dean regarding sanctions that should be imposed. The Associate Dean may approve, disapprove, or modify any recommendations of the Board. Final decisions made by the Associate Dean for Medical Education are forwarded to the Dean of the School of Medicine.

Promotion and Tenure

The Promotion and Tenure Committee review all recommendations for promotions from Associate Professor and above and submit recommendations to the Dean for approval. Review new appointments of Associate Professor and above. Review all recommendations for tenure and make recommendations to the Dean.

Research Committee

The Research Committee act as a peer review group for research fund requests to the Dean.
Upon approval of the Dean, assist in peer review functions for outside organizations such as the Medical Research Foundation. Advise the Dean on means of improving research activities of faculty and students of the school of Medicine.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing all the School of Medicine Scholarships and Loans that are available to be distributed annually to students. The Committee reviews the criteria and financial status of each scholarship portfolio and establishes the criteria for distribution of the funds. The University Financial Aid Office assists this committee in distributing the funds.

Student Honors and Awards

The committee recommends to the executive faculty outstanding graduates of the institution who is its opinion are to receive special recognition at commencement time in the form of cum laude, magna cum laude or in rare instances, summa cum laude degrees. It is up to the Honors and Awards Committee to decide on what basis the students have merited these awards. Academic record and recommendations solicited from all full-time faculty are the major sources of information. In addition to deciding which students will receive honors degrees, various donated awards, such as the Gold Headed Cane, community service awards, are also decided by this committee. Candidates to be voted on by the full-time faculty for the Gold Headed Cane Award are generated by a student nomination process. All other awards are decided upon by the Honors and Awards Committee with the help of full-time faculty input.