Our Priorities

Increasing the education, involvement and advocacy of men for the advancement of women to promote a more vibrant, healthy, balanced and better functioning university."

"WAM has already proven to be a very powerful voice of women at OHSU that effectively executes the vision of women-enhanced academic medicine."- Agnieszka Balkowiec, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Integrative Biosciences, School of Dentistry

Strategy for advancing women leaders

Women remain underrepresented in mid career and senior level positions in leadership and promotion at OHSU.  WAM’s priority is to establish a specific strategy for advancing women faculty leaders to higher level leadership positions at OHSU. We provide funding for training programs to equip women to lead.

Tracking process for advancement of women leaders

Create specific processes to insure internal promotion of women at OHSU; specific examples would be tracking how many women move from junior faculty to positions of leadership (defined as division chair, FPP leadership, etc.) within OHSU.  Provide transparency as to the operations of this process.

Avenues of expanding the focus on women

In addition to the university’s strategic focus on diversity, expand the focus on women faculty affairs.  Ensure that there is a critical mass of women, rather than a token few, in executive positions which interface with OHSU strategic decisions.

Increasing opportunities

WAM committee members serve the distinct goal to increase the visibility, leadership, and professional success of women faculty at OHSU. The important work of this committee continues to influence and improve opportunities for both women and men on campus and upholds the diversification mission of the institution in tangible and effective ways.

Identifying inequities

WAM committee members help to identify where inequities exist in career trajectories and support policy to promote institutional change at OHSU that not only value the talents of all our faculty, but benefit from their unique insights and perspectives.