Why WAM Is Important

In their own words

"For me, I see WAM serving the role of assuring that women who are currently residents at OHSU have a tangible example of an academic center who cares about the advancement of women in academia as a whole. WAM has the unique opportunity to inspire young women residents to strive to become successful clinicians in a supportive academic environment. I believe this role is extremely important in the greater goal of populating the medical community with an equal and diverse representation of the population it serves." - Rachel C. Danczyk, MD, Resident, Department of Surgery

"The women and academic medicine committee serves the distinct goal to increase the visibility, leadership, and professional success of women faculty at OHSU. I believe in the important  work of this committee, who continue to  influence and improve opportunities for both women and men on campus and uphold the diversification mission of the institution in  tangible and effective ways." - Rebecca Harrison, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine

"WAM has been beneficial in establishing contacts for me and in productive environment to voice concerns in and brain storm about solutions." - Kirsten J Lampi, MS, PhD, Professor, Integrative Biosciences, School of Dentistry

"WAM is important to me because the equality of women and men is integral to the advancement of humanity on the individual, institutional, community and world level. WAM is one avenue to help improve the status and contributions of women in all areas of OHSU and thereby the population it serves." - John D. Ng, MD, MS, FACS, Professor, Departments of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery

"I have always been an advocate of preserving a healthy work-life balance for all physicians – an issue that is particularly important to women in academic medicine.  My wife is a radiation oncologist and has given me a first-hand appreciation of the needs and desires  of women in medicine." - Y Pritham Raj, MD, FACP, Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine and Psychiatry

"The future of academic medicine depends on its ability to attract and retain talented young men and women by offering opportunities that afford success and satisfaction in both their professional and personal lives. For OHSU to succeed in this mission, it must identify and eliminate institutional barriers to success and provide more institutional support, not just for women but for the sake of attracting a diverse work force. It is a fact that although equal numbers of men and women enter academic medicine; women have been less likely than men to be promoted or to serve in leadership positions. I see my role on the WAM committee as important for the process that identifies where inequities exist in career trajectories and supports policy to promote institutional change at OHSU that not only value the talents of all our faculty, but benefit from their unique insights and perspectives." - Charles E. Roselli, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology