OHSU Resources for Women


OHSU offers several mentoring options. These include the OHSU mentoring program and the Lead mentor program. Departmental mentoring programs may also exist. Please check with your departmental chair. 

OHSU mentoring program   

Lead mentor program   


OHSU offers a "Paths to Leadership" training program, which is open to School of Medicine faculty. OHSU managers may also be interested in the "Leadership Foundations Program", an 8-week, 8-session certificate series designed to provide a broad understanding of the behaviors, tools and resources needed to be successful in a leadership role at OHSU.   

OHSU paths to leadership training program  

Leadership Foundations Program 

Several external opportunities also exist. At our 2014 conference, the Provost announced that OHSU will become an institutional sponsor of the ELAM, or Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine, program. This level of support will allow women from any OHSU school to be nominated for participation in the year-long professional development program. A sister program, ELATE, is a leadership development program targeted to senior faculty women in STEM    

ELAM - Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine    

ELATE – Leadership development program for senior faculty women in STEM    

Career and faculty development resources

There are various opportunities for career and faculty development available at OHSU. You can find descriptions of these opportunities in the faculty development resources web page and at the career and workplace enhancement center.

OHSU Ombudsman

The Ombudsman provides a confidential, independent, informal and neutral place to discuss campus-related issues and concerns. View the Ombudsman web site.

Life events

Childcare facility

Breast feeding in the workplace 

La Leche League

Maternity leave policy 

Employee wellness


Other resources

The following is a list of external websites that may be of interest to the OHSU community


Association for Women in Science AWIS

Recommended reading

The following are a list of books, journal articles, etc that have been recommended by OHSU leaders during our leadership conferences. 

"Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg 

"Getting to Yes: negotiating agreement without giving in" by Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton 

"Getting Past No: negotiating in difficult situations" by William Ury  

"Working identity: unconventional strategies for reinventing your career" by Herminia Ibarra 

"Inadequate Progress for Women in Academic Medicine: Findings from the National Faculty Study" Phyllis L. Carr, MD, FACP, Christine M. Gunn, MA, Samantha A. Kaplan, MD, MPH, Anita Raj, PhD,4 and Karen M. Freund, MD, MPH

Journal for Women's Health (2015) 24(5):1-10

Janet Bickel recommended reading