CME Awards

Distinguished Lecturers

The CME Distinguished Lecturer Award is given to two OHSU faculty members annually, who are recognized for their outstanding service to continuing medical education, have demonstrated excellence in CME teaching and have provided service to the OHSU Division of Continuing Professional Development through one or more of the following:

  • Project Development
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Service on CPD Committee
  • Faculty Development
  • Serving as faculty at CPD-sponsored programs

The awards have been given annually since 2007 The following have been honored in the past:

2007           Stephen Campbell, MD and Thomas DeLoughery, MD

2008           John McAnulty, MD and Fran Storrs, MD

2009           Greg Larsen, MD and Matthew Riddle, MD

2010           Sharon Anderson, MD and Robert Taylor, MD

2011           Susan Grauer, MD and Mark O'Hollaren, MD

2012           Y Pritham Raj, MD, FACP and Ali Olyaei, PharmD, BCPS 

2013           Michelle Berlin, MD, MPH and Scott Mader, MD

2014           Alan Hunter, MD and Atif Zaman, MD MPH

2015           Nels Carlson, MD and Cynthia Ferrell, MD, MSEd

2016           Elizabeth Bower, MD, MPH and James Chesnutt, MD

2017           David Mansoor, MD and Craig Williams, PharmD 

2018           Jessica Castle, MD and Benjamin Hoffman, MD