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Current Residents/Fellows Benefits on O2


Benefits Summary

OHSU residents and fellows are provided various plans from which to choose for medical, dental, vision, prescription and life insurances, with optional coverages including disability, AD&D and family coverage.  OHSU pays for most of the costs of the monthly premium for employees and part of the costs of the monthly premium for spouses and children.

Residents and fellows will have default benefits on their first day physically working at OHSU – either the GME check-in appointment or program orientation.  The default benefit plan covers the individual resident/fellow only with the OHSU PPO, Moda Dental and $25,000 core life insurance.  Residents and fellows will have the option to make changes to their benefit plans and add family members at their GME check-in session.  Options include adding family members, changing medical, dental, and vision policies, adding accidental death and dismemberment coverage, increasing voluntary life insurance, and selecting short and long-term disability coverage.

Any changes make to benefits selections during the GME check-in appointment will take effect on that day.  If family members are added that day, they will be covered effective the check in date. Detailed benefit information can be found at the following sites:
OHSU Employee Benefits Overview

Housing Resources

OHSU does not provide living accommodations for residents/fellows or their families, although the office of Graduate Medical Education, as well as individual departments, may be able to provide helpful information regarding relocation and housing.
OHSU Off-Campus Housing List 

Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is provided to residents/fellows through OHSU and covers all duties and acts performed within the scope of the training program.

A resident/fellow appointed through Graduate Medical Education is indemnified and defended by the university through the provision of the Oregon Tort Claims Act (ORS 30.260 through 30.300) when acting in the scope and course of his/her employment by the university. The coverage is maintained in such a manner as to create no tail exposure for any resident/fellow after they have completed their training program. 

Contact Risk Management:  503-494-7189 or



Parking is limited on the university grounds. A space, however, is always assured for every resident/fellow who purchases parking. Parking is available at a reduced cost for residents/fellows and can be automatically deducted from paychecks before taxes are applied. Alternatively, TriMet passes for bus and light-rail services are provided at substantially reduced prices for residents/fellows.

OHSU Transportation & Parking



The salary levels for residents/fellows for the 2019 - 2020 academic year are listed below.  The annual salary is dependent upon the level of postgraduate training the resident/fellow has completed within the United States.

Training Level                           Salary

PGY1                                     $58,400

PGY2                                     $61,000

PGY3                                     $63,600

PGY4                                     $67,000

PGY5                                     $68,500

PGY6                                     $71,600

PGY7                                     $74,400

PGY8                                     $79,000



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