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Relaxation and Sleep

Your work schedule at OHSU can be demanding and stressful. You may not be able to change your work schedule, but you can change how well your brain and body rests. If you have a hard time falling asleep, see below for relaxation apps and resources.

Sleep and Relaxation apps:

"If [using a relaxation app] to help fall asleep, a general rule is that more irregular sounds (especially words) induce more fragmentation and arousal when people listen to them while trying to sleep. Noises that are more homogenized such as white noise can reduce sleep disruption from background noise and thus improve sleep." - Chad Hagen, M.D., OHSU Sleep Disorders Program


These titles and many others are available in the RWP lending library.Contact  for more titles or to check out books. Download complete reading list

Personal Best and Resilience Building Strategies


Being an excellent health care provider is something we all strive to be. However, unreasonable expectations of perfection may actually set you up to be vulnerable when a mistake, adverse medical event occurs, or you receive critical feedback. Perfectionism can actually interfere with your ability to:

  • Learn from setbacks and recover more quickly
  • Have positive, healthy relationships with your colleagues and your friends and family
  • Be productive. (hint: trying to be perfect often leads to procrastination)

How do you score on the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale ? 

Visit The Sen Lab

Learn more about University of Michigan investigator Dr. Srijan Sen's research on medical residents and depression and burnout including a great list of publications.