2014 Swindells Family Scholars

Swindells Scholarships awarded to ten M.D. students

October 28, 2014

Earlier this year, ten OHSU M.D. students were selected as the newest Swindells Family Scholars, one of the School of Medicine's most prestigious M.D. scholarship awards. These talented students have volunteered in their home communities, traveled and served across the globe and researched in prestigious institutes. They’ve coached football, taught swimming and grown gardens. As a group, they run and hike, paddle and swim, catapult down mountains, speak numerous languages and spend their hours advocating for those who might not otherwise have a voice. As different as each of these students may be, they all display the same characteristic that makes them a Swindell Scholar – a commitment to using their talents to give back to their home state of Oregon in their chosen medical careers. 

The Swindells scholarships began in 2010 when the school received the largest single scholarship gift ever in its history. The $10 million gift to establish an endowed M.D. scholarship program creates a perpetual source of financial assistance for exceptional and unique students who have a high probability of positively contributing to Oregon's future. The anonymous donor named the fund "The Swindells Family Scholars Program" in honor of the long history of support OHSU has received over multiple generations from the Swindells family.

Join the School of Medicine in welcoming these students to the Swindells Scholars program, and take a moment to meet each exceptional student below.

Michael J. Gale

Gale Michael

Name:  Michael J. Gale
Year:     MS1
Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Interests: Vision science research, retinal diagnostic imaging techniques,

Sam Klonoski

Name:  Sam Klonoski
Year:     MS3
Hometown: Eugene, Ore.
Interests: Developmental pediatrics, health policy,

Alex Nielson
Alex Nielson

Name:  Alex Nielson
Year:     MS1
Hometown: Beaverton, Ore.
Interests: Emergency medicine, veterans organizations, rural health,

Malarie Pratt 

Malerie Pratt

Name:  Malerie Pratt
Year:     MS1
Hometown: Bend, Ore.
Interests: Family medicine, international development, languages,

Rakendu Shukla


Name:  Rakendu Shukla
Year:     MS4
Hometown: Gaston, Ore.
Interests: Radiation medicine, teaching and tutoring, community service,