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Annual Professional Staff awards recognize outstanding contributions to clinical care

June 6, 2016

The monthly Professional Board meeting included a bit more ceremony and celebration than usual this month. On June 2, the 2016 Professional Staff awards were given out in recognition of clinicians who make outstanding contributions to OHSU through their work in the patient care mission.

The OHSU Professional Staff is the organizational home of all licensed independent practitioners who provide care within the OHSU health system. Congratulations to the following members.

Professional Staff awards 2016, Sarah GreenProfessionalism is at the core of OHSU's health care mission. Sarah Green, M.D., assistant professor of pediatrics, OHSU School of Medicine, received the outstanding contribution award for professionalism at OHSU. In her nomination, she was named as a role model of servant-leadership – someone who implicitly puts the needs of others before her own. "When she speaks in meetings, she is thoughtful and measured, and people listen. We have harnessed Dr. Green's talents to teach communication skills to our residents and faculty. Her vision has allowed the creation of nonjudgmental support systems for residents with academic or other struggles."

James Heilman, M.D., assistant professor of emergency medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, received the award for outstanding contribution in clinical quality and systems-based care. Dr. Heilman, medical director for the Emergency Communication Center, was called out for utilizing a collaborative approach that has strengthened patient safety and increased the quality of care for patients by:

  • changing the Professional Board staff rules to standardize the OHSU faculty transfer process
  • working with Neurosurgery, Palliative Care and referring facilities to keep appropriate patients with catastrophic intracranial bleeding at their referring hospitals
  • improving the transparency of bed availability with referring hospitals to enhance care coordination

Professional Staff awards 2016, Stephanie NonasStephanie Nonas, M.D., assistant professor of medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, was given the award for outstanding contributions to education and research in the clinical setting. Dr. Nonas was lauded for her multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary approach to solving the problem of ventilator management by utilizing research work and interprofessional education. Viewing the issue of ventilator management for acute respiratory distress syndrome as only one example of poor mechanical ventilation skills, Dr. Nonas argued correctly that mechanical ventilation is ideal for teaching with simulation, as simulation allows fellows, and other learners, to have hands-on training.

Professional Staff awards 2016, Mary TanskiImproving the culture of service excellence is another area in which the Professional Staff awards are given. Mary Tanski, M.D., assistant professor of emergency medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, received the award this year. Dr. Tanski was nominated not only for her role in leading the institutional response to the 2015 OHSU Provider Voice survey, but for helming the development of an evolving rapid medical evaluation system, which is expected to result in more rapid evaluation of lower acuity patients, resulting in decreased wait times and improved patient satisfaction.

Professional Staff awards 2016, Atif ZamanAtif Zaman, M.D., MPH, professor of medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, was recognized for outstanding contribution to innovation in new models of clinical care and interdisciplinary teams. Dr. Zaman has worked to develop relationships with OHSU-affiliated organizations, including Salem Health, Tuality, ZoomCare, Adventist, and others. In that role, he has spent countless hours in discussions with partners, developing an understanding of their needs, and then creating specific relationships by putting OHSU clinical leaders in contact with their counterparts at partner institutions.

Paul Flint, M.D., professor and chair of otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, OHSU School of Medicine, presided over the awards ceremony in his role as chair of the OHSU Professional Board. Dr. Flint also recognized the important work of OHSU trainees with appreciation for the leaders of the House Officers Association. 

Pictured, top to bottom: Receiving their awards from Dr. Flint (at left in all photos) are Dr. Green, Dr. Nonas, Dr. Tanski and Dr. Zaman