Three Questions for Nicole Deiorio

Nicole Deiorio, M.D., is assistant dean for student affairs and professor of emergency medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine.

August 11, 2015

Dr. Nicole Deiorio

What’s been the most interesting development in your area in the last two years?

The implementation of the new medical school curriculum, YOUR M.D., and my particular project, the Colleges advising and academic coaching program. It has been a great opportunity to create something entirely from scratch, and since the project is supported by the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education consortium, I have enjoyed the chance to meet and work with other educators across the country on similar problems. 

What projects are you currently working on and are there opportunities for fellow faculty to participate?

We are always looking for faculty to get involved in the Colleges. It is OHSU’s version of a learning community, where the UME students are divided into seven Colleges based on their anticipated practice setting. Faculty can apply for leadership roles or help with one-time-only events, depending on their time availability. Any opportunity will allow faculty to have close interaction and mentorship with medical students.

What is the most important aspect of support that OHSU provides to you currently and how would you like this or other support to grow in the future?

I am particularly grateful for the chance to work with so many other educators here and appreciate all of the energy and commitment that is going into undergraduate medical education right now. It allows me to meet new collaborators, work on new projects, and have so many resources to tap into to brainstorm around challenges we all face in medical education. I am excited to hear about new work underway to support, organize and hopefully increase these resources even more in the future.

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