The residency-ready road

OHSU School of Medicine featured in the AAMC Reporter

August 12, 2015

In 2014, the OHSU School of Medicine was selected as one of ten schools to pilot the Association of American Medical Colleges' (AAMC) core entrustable professional activities (EPAs). These 13 integrated activities reflect the skills and experiences M.D. students should have acquired in their undergraduate medical education and that should be expected of all new physicians transitioning to residency. 

Along with peer institutions, the OHSU School of Medicine’s pilot is working to address curriculum development, assessment of competency using the EPA framework, the path to entrustment and faculty development.  By creating 43 competencies across six domains and mapping them to the 13 EPAs, the school is not only developing a core EPA framework, but also aligning this effort with the process of curriculum transformation.

George Mejicano, M.D., senior associate dean for education, OHSU School of Medicine, was recently interviewed by the AAMC and commented on the parallel assessments that will take place as part of the school’s strategy for testing the EPAs in action.

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In a related article, the school was again featured by the AAMC for its work helping students manage medical school debt, another critical piece of the complex equation that impacts young physicians starting their careers. Justin Kribs, OHSU's manager of student debt counseling, said, "What’s great is we’re starting students at square one and getting to ask them what they want to accomplish, how they will get there, and what things are in their way.”

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