From the archives: Rock and roll med school

by Max Johnson, University Archivist, OHSU Historical Collections and Archives

February 25, 2016

Audience Talent ShowIn a previous article I asked for information on the performers from the All-Hill Talent Show back in the 1980s. Specifically I was trying to get identification for some of our photographs in the Historical Image Collection; this collection is a great resource for researching images from OHSU's past, its predecessor schools, the faculty and students.

I asked, and alumni responded.

From the picture in the Fall 2015 issue of Bridges (page 19), the Four Fossae are (from left to right): Robin Downey, M.D. '82 (baritone), David Irvine, M.D. '82 (second tenor), Bob Johnson, M.D. '82 (bass) and Brad Heinman (first tenor).

The Fossae got together in their freshman year to write and sing, in four part harmony, songs about their experiences in medical school. According to Dr. Irvine, they would practice in the Basic Science Building's concrete stairway, which is said to have excellent acoustics.

I received an email from Paul DeChant, M.D. '80, who wrote about the origins of the talent show. The All-Hill Talent Show was started in 1977 by Mark O'Hollaren, M.D. '80, professor of medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, and Dr. DeChant as a student government project when Drs. O'Hollaren and DeChant were President and Vice-President of their of medical school freshman class. 

Audience Talent ShowMac Knight, M.D., MBA served as emcee for the first four years of the talent show. Dr. DeChant identified Marjorie Kircher as "the dancer" in the original article. Dr. Knight sent me as email with further information on some of the performances. According to Dr. Knight , there used to be a small bus that conveyed students up to "The Hill." It was driven by "Bob the Bus Driver" who was a regular at the talent show with a stand-up comedy act. Dr. Knight  also recalled several other performers including Bill Moshofsky, M.D. '80, who had a guitar/singing act; Quince "Rocky" Mabry, M.D. '80, who played jazz piano and served as the "studio" band for the whole show and Grover Bagby, M.D. R '76, professor emeritus of medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, who played guitar and did some singing.

A huge thanks goes out to the alumni community for the emails, phone calls and many hints and pointers on where to find additional information regarding the talent show.

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