Join the Alumni Resource Network

Oct. 4, 2018

OHSU School of Medicine alumni are extra special people – this we know! May we ask for your support of our new program, the Alumni Resource Network (formerly HOST)?

All regions of our country offer their own unique beauty but as a fourth-year medical student traveling for residency interviews, students are more likely to be thinking about mastering the Boston subway or working their way through crowded streets and unfamiliar territory, than admiring the foliage.

Alumni based outside of Portland have become increasingly invaluable resources for M.D. students embarking on a busy – and expensive – schedule of residency interviews. Accessing the accumulated knowledge and advice of local and regional experts allows our students to make more informed decisions about residency options. Alumni and students have spoken on the phone and have met for coffee, grits, barbeque and other delectable local favorites, to gain deeper insights into the next stage of their journey.

If you are residing outside the Portland metro area and are willing to be contacted by students traveling to residency interviews, please let us know. Any contact is deeply appreciated and is of great benefit to our students. For further information please email us or call Julie Mikulic at (503) 220-8324. We'd love to include you in our Alumni Resource Network.