Dr. Mark Baskerville new UME rural, multidisciplinary clinical experiences director

February 18, 2016

The school has filled the previously-announced position for a rural elective and multidisciplinary clinical experiences director within the undergraduate medical education curriculum. Mark Baskerville, M.D., J.D., MBA, assistant professor of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, will begin immediately.

In the role, Dr. Baskerville will work closely with Paul Gorman, M.D., assistant dean for rural medical education, in maintaining and sustaining rural rotations for M.D. students, and developing the new multidisciplinary rotations of YOUR M.D.

“Dr. Baskerville is extremely well-suited for this new role and I’m excited to continue to work with him,” said Tracy Bumsted, M.D., associate dean for UME.

Dr. Baskerville has been involved in both the development and operations of the YOUR M.D. curriculum. He is a scholarly projects concentration lead, overseeing projects in the realms of law, business and health policy – areas in which he has unique experience and training. He is also an active member of the admissions process as a participant in multiple mini interviews for prospective students.

He is a member of the YOUR M.D. Clinical Experiences Development team, where he has been instrumental in creating new courses, such as the recently-launched Transitions to Clinical Experiences, as well as multidisciplinary rotations for students, such as the Perioperative Valvular Heart Disease longitudinal elective.

After completing a two-week Transitions course, the first cohort of students in the YOUR M.D. curriculum begin their clinical experiences the week of Feb. 22.