Dr. Raymond Bergan new leader of hematology and medical oncology

February 18, 2015

Raymond Bergan, M.D., formerly of Northwestern University, will lead OHSU’s Hematology & Medical Oncology division; focus will be on development and delivery of highly tailored treatments

Dr Raymond BerganRaymond Bergan, M.D. — an internationally regarded cancer specialist known for leading breakthrough studies on how cancer cells spread and preventive treatments for high risk patients — has joined OHSU as head of hematology and medical oncology in the School of Medicine and associate director of medical oncology for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

Bergan, who was recruited from Northwestern University, led a research team that expanded the understanding of how early stage cancer cells transform to travel throughout the body. His laboratory was the first to use drugs to target this form of disease progression in humans. Understanding the changes that enable the spread of the disease is essential to saving lives; metastasis is a leading cause of death in cancer patients.

At the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, Bergan will establish a research laboratory continuing this work as part of his role in overseeing the Division of Hematology & Medical Oncology, which includes about 40 physician specialists. His other patient care and research priorities will include expanding the institute’s offering of early phase drug trials and applying the latest drug developments. His goal is to work with the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s team of researchers to provide highly tailored treatments to patients, including those with early or advanced cancer, and change the course of their disease.

“Dr. Bergan shares our urgency to better understand how best to treat cancer using an understanding of what drives the growth of each patient’s cancer. He will make a significant contribution to the world-class team we are bringing together to ensure that treatment plans are personalized to each patient’s unique situation as we strive to improve outcomes for all patients with cancer,” said Brian Druker, M.D., director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and associate dean for oncology in the OHSU School of Medicine.

Dr. Bergan’s arrival was featured in an OHSU media release. Read the full announcement.