Inaugural Pilar A. Bradshaw scholarship awarded

January 18, 2017

Megan McKittrick, M.D. 2020The OHSU School of Medicine has awarded the first Pilar A. Bradshaw Scholarship to Megan McKittrick, M.D. Class of 2020. The prestigious scholarship reflects the values and accomplishments of Pilar A. Bradshaw, M.D. '95 R '98.

McKittrick started her academic career at the University of Portland where she majored in psychology. During her final year she decided to redirect her focus on getting into medical school. "I thought that I would go to grad school to become a clinical psychologist," she said, "and then I thought that I would feel limited not understanding the biology too." She finished her psychology degree then took one year of physics and one year of biochemistry at Portland State University.

The following year she took a job at OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital. "It was a really great mix of research but so much clinical exposure too, so that really helped me decide that this was the right fit for me and what I wanted to do," she said. Additionally, she admired the hospital because her childhood best friend was treated there. "I've grown up with Doernbecher in my life," she said.

McKittrick feels very fortunate to not only get into medical school at OHSU but also receive the scholarship and stay close to her family in Portland. She has forged a friendship and mentorship with Dr. Bradshaw since receiving the award. They text back and forth about classes. "It's really nice having somebody who's been through it," she said.