M.D. class of 1965 looks back to the future

md reunion class of 1965September 15, 2015

Conversations at 50th M.D. class reunions often revolve around what has changed since graduation. Health care. Health coverage. Hairlines.

In his remarks to the OHSU School of Medicine's M.D. class of 1965 at its recent 50th reunion dinner, Dean Mark Richardson discussed ways in which today’s health care environment both differs from and yet still reflects aspects of 1965.

“Medicare legislation passed in 1965," he said. "Like today’s Affordable Care Act, it made a wave or two."

Dean Richardson also referred to a 1965 Report to the Alumni article written by class member Jerry Goldstone, M.D. ’65. “This transition in the art and science of medicine will be gradual and nearly imperceptible to the casual observer of today,” wrote Dr. Goldstone 50 years ago. “But it will be definite to the physicians of the year 2000.”

Dean Richardson outlined the innovations and priorities currently under way in the OHSU School of Medicine: YOUR M.D. curriculum transformation, the changing demographics in the M.D. Class of 2019, the successful completion of the Knight Cancer Challenge, the growth in research and the focus on partnerships to meet OHSU’s missions. 

“Like you, we continue to respond to the changing landscape,” he said.

In their informal comments during the dinner, classmates noted how many were called on for national service in the military or in public health roles, and that they were the first class to graduate into the world of Medicare and third-party regulation of medicine. Many remarked on the shift from solo and small-group practice to large clinic and “corporate” medicine and the impact on the physician-patient relationship.

“Our training at the University of Oregon Medical School [precursor to OHSU] provided an excellent basis for success in further training and in practice,” said Stanley J. Huber, M.D. ’65, who, together with Jim Fearl, M.D. ’65, led the reunion coordination. “We all felt comfortable in meeting the day-to-day challenges of medicine in our careers.”

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