Medical students toss, stick and tug their way to College Cup trophy

College CupSeptember 7, 2016

Some 300 medical students hit Mackenzie Hall lawn August 24, 2016, to compete in the fourth annual College Cup, a friendly competition of medical-themed games and activities for the chance to win the College Cup trophy. 

The competition is part of the Colleges program and is designed to foster a sense of community among medical students from all four years and faculty, building bonds and encouraging participants to support one another, despite their differences – necessary attributes to learn, grow and develop compassion as physicians. Learn about the Colleges program. Each College creates and runs one event. 

Events include: 

  • Operation (the children's game with which students practice their dexterity)
  • Name that 'Stache (Students guess whose mustache belongs to whom.)
  • Medical Pictionary 
  • Needle Biopsy (Students throw darts at a wooden cutout of the human form, trying to avoid key internal organs, but hitting designated marks.)
  • Stick the Stethoscope on Dr. Sullivan (reminiscent of Pin the Tail on the Donkey)
  • Fellowship Toss (Students play cornhole, but score extra points the further away they stand – these markers are based on how long residency takes.)

Points from these events determine standings for the three-round Tug of War competition, always a highlight of the cup. 

This year, students added a new event just for faculty in the Colleges: Giant Jenga. Points from the entire competition are counted to award the winning College with medals. The winning College also gets its name engraved on a trophy, which lives in the school's Undergraduate Medical Education offices at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.

And this year's winner? The College for Hospital-Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics.

College Cup

College Cup