Alumni invited to participate in November cultural tour of Cuba

CubaCuba is calling! Visit the country with OHSU and Reed alumni

June 29, 2017

Cuba, for all its economic and political challenges, has been widely recognized for its accomplishments in health care and education. Average life expectancy is 79 years, the infant mortality rate is lower than that of the United States, and the literacy rate is 99.7 percent.

Opportunities to visit Cuba may be less available after this year. So join OHSU Provost Elena Andresen and fellow OHSU alumni and alumni of Reed College this November 11-17 in Havana, for an exploration of the education and health care systems that have enabled Cuba to maintain these standards. This travel opportunity is brought to you by the OHSU Alumni Relations Program.

Learn from experts, visit local schools and health clinics and exchange ideas with Cuban schoolteachers, students, physicians and public health workers. We will also partake of Havana's rich array of cultural offerings, with special events highlighting the city's art, architecture, cuisine and more.

Stroll through atmospheric Old Havana, tour an urban organic farm and meet a former deputy minister for foreign affairs, who will speak candidly about Cuba's current situation and describe his own experience in one of Castro's "literacy brigades."

A brochure for a complete itinerary is available here. For more information, please contact Academic Arrangements Abroad at 212.514.8921 or 800.221.1944 or .