Dr. Miles Ellenby gets WIRED

May 4, 2015

Miles Ellenby, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics, OHSU School of Medicine and medical director of the OHSU Telemedicine Network, tells WIRED magazine about his experience leveraging telemedicine to treat children in rural Oregon.

In communities without advanced resources or specialists, for example, telemedicine can fill gaps. Oregon has only three pediatric intensive care units—all in Portland. So Miles Ellenby, a pediatrician and medical director of the telemedicine program at Oregon Health and Science University, can use a video set-up to be bedside next to children in rural areas or small towns, consulting on critical cases. He tells of one instance when a newborn, blue and exhibiting a low heart-rate, needed to be resuscitated—a very delicate procedure. Luckily, the doctors in charge could teleconference with a specialist to talk them through each step. Fifteen minutes later, the baby was breathing normally and crying like an ambulance siren. Read The Science of Telemedicine: A Lifesaver in the Right Place


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