Starting a movement for improvement science in medical education

FISC program celebrates second cohort and curricula

June 1, 2017

The OHSU School of Medicine recently celebrated its second cohort of a program that builds faculty capacity to develop the "third science" of medical education. The Foundational Improvement Science Curriculum (FISC) program trains OHSU educators to master the tools and expertise unique to teaching improvement science in both undergraduate and graduate medical education, and doctoral nursing programs. This third science builds on the traditional basic and clinical sciences. 

FISC program cohort 2017

"The concept of improvement science is critical to health care and public health in the modern era," said George Mejicano, M.D., M.S., senior associate dean for education, OHSU School of Medicine, during a May 31 reception celebrating the FISC cohort. He also said FISC is important for faculty development. "We now have a critical mass to implement these concepts and serve as a peer group for the future."

FISC showcase 2017The FISC program gives educators the tools to develop, implement and evaluate foundational curricula in improvement science – creating a cascading effect as they then teach students and trainees in the resulting curricula. It also helps undergraduate and graduate medical education programs meet LCME and ACGME requirements related to quality improvement and patient safety.

Sherril Gelmon, Dr.P.H., professor of public health, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, has been the faculty lead for FISC since it began two years ago. "Every school and program has to think about how to do improvement science to improve health," she said to attendees. "You have started a movement."

Congratulations to the following faculty and education leaders from undergraduate and graduate medical education programs in the School of Medicine and School of Nursing who make up this year's FISC cohort:

  • Katie Au, M.D. – obstetrics and gynecology residency
  • Lisa Bayer, M.D., M.P.H. – obstetrics and gynecology residency
  • Hans Carlson, M.D. – undergraduate medical education
  • Kathy Cook, D.N.P., C.R.N.A – doctor of nursing program
  • Ken DeVane, M.B.A., M.S. – School of Medicine
  • Sally Hersh, D.N.P., C.N.M. – doctor of nursing program
  • Thomas Hwang, M.D. – ophthalmology residency
  • Joe Lockridge, M.D. – transplant nephrology fellowship
  • Becca Loret de Mola, D.O., M.C.R. – pediatric hematology oncology fellowship
  • Jake Luty, M.D. – internal medicine residency
  • Kate Mackey, M.D. – internal medicine residency
  • Mandi Mizuta, M.A. – anesthesiology faculty
  • David Pollack, M.D. – undergraduate medical education
  • Amy Ross, Ph.D., R.N., C.N.S. – doctor of nursing program
  • Kamran Sajadi, M.D. – urology residency
  • Asma Taha, Ph.D., C.P.N.P.-P.C./A.C. – doctor of nursing program
  • Tina Walde, D.N.P., P.M.H.N.P. – doctor of nursing program

Pictured (top): FISC program participants celebrate during a May 31 reception; FISC program faculty (kneeling, second from left) are Sherril Gelmon, Dr.P.H., Moira Ray, M.D., M.P.H., Kim Irish, M.S., C.P.H.Q., and Matthew Diveronica, M.D.

Pictured (bottom): Dr. George Mejicano speaks during the FISC reception and showcase.