Governor emphasizes importance of health care access at OHSU residency program in Klamath Falls

January 27, 2017

Gov. Kate Brown visited the OHSU Cascades East Family Medicine Residency Program in Klamath Falls Jan. 24 to help drive home the importance of the Oregon Health Plan given state and federal budget challenges.

Patients seen at Cascades East, nestled in the hill country of Klamath County, exemplify the purpose of the Oregon Health Plan – the state’s Medicaid program for low-income Oregonians. Half of the clinic’s patients are covered by OHP and another 30 percent are enrolled in Medicare.

The Family Medicine Residency Program, launched in 1994, helps grow and replenish the workforce of rural physicians who care for these patients. The residency program is administered by the OHSU School of Medicine and co-sponsored by OHSU, Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, and the Oregon Area Health Education and Training Center program.

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