OHSU School of Medicine completes LCME monitoring requirement

November 3, 2017

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) is the accrediting agency for U.S. and Canadian undergraduate medical education (MD) programs.

As announced previously, the OHSU School of Medicine submitted an action plan to address areas for improvement the LCME identified following the school's institutional self-study and full site visit held in January 2012. The action plan was accepted and the LCME conducted a limited site survey in January 2014. 

The results of that visit were positive and there were no areas that were found to be non-compliant with the LCME's standards and elements. However, the LCME concluded that several areas such as diversity, student indebtedness and academic advising needed continued monitoring. As a result, the school has had to submit annual status reports to demonstrate continued improvement in areas that had previously raised concerns.  

In August 2017, the school submitted its last status report to the LCME as part of the agency's monitoring process. In October, the school was notified that the LCME had reviewed the August status report and found that no elements needed continued monitoring. Importantly, the school has maintained its full accreditation throughout this process. The difference is that the LCME no longer needs to continue to monitor any of the issues that were raised in 2012.

"We're proud of this outcome," said George Mejicano, M.D., senior associate dean for education, OHSU School of Medicine. "It demonstrates the school's multi-year commitment to achieving full LCME compliance and to embracing a culture of continual improvement and accountability. We have a better M.D. program and educational environment as a result of the LCME review process."

The school's next full site visit by the LCME will take place during the 2019-2020 academic year.