Celebrating with gratitude

March 25, 2016

Match Day 2016A day that had started with excitement, laughter and open emotions ended on a more reflective note for many of the medical students who had so apprehensively opened their Match envelopes that morning. Gathered a few hours later in the same room, they thanked the mentors who had helped guide them to this milestone in their careers and took stock of the long-term impact of that single sheet of paper.

The School of Medicine Alumni Association Match Day reception stands at the gateway of the MS4 class members' entrance into the next phase of their professional lives. Recognizing that few have reached this point unaided, class members invite a mentor or mentors who have helped shape their personal or professional development over the course of the past four years to join them as Match Day draws to a close.

"Outside of the formal curriculum, the mentor relationship is one of the most influential in a student's time at medical school," said David Noall, M.D. '71 R '77, president-elect of the School of Medicine Alumni Council. Dr. Noall thanked the mentors for their work and encouraged the students to stay in touch during their residency training.

Above: Sam Kolonski, member of the M.D. Class of 2016, recognizes the impact of mentors on the class at an alumni-sponsored reception on Match Day, March 18.