Wendy McGinnis, MS2 receives HHMI Research Fellowship

April 30, 2015

Wendy McGinnis, MS2Second-year medical student Wendy McGinnis has been awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Medical Research Fellowship. Established in 1989, the Medical Research Fellows Program aims to strengthen and expand the nation’s pool of physician-scientists, dentist-scientists and veterinarian-scientists.

More than 1,500 students have participated in the program, which allows students to choose their own mentor; develop a basic, translational, or applied research project; and conduct full-time research for one full year.

Wendy is a graduate of Duke University and a member of the Radiation Medicine Student Interest Group. She's previously received funding via the RSNA Research Medical Student grant, Tartar Trust, as well as an OSLER T1 fellowship thru the OCTRI/CTSA program.