“One must be well to do well”

M.D. Class of 2022 creates and signs honor code

Dec. 3, 2018

Each year the incoming class of medical students develops an individual class honor code during the Transition to Medical School course. The honor code seeks to articulate the values of a specific class and serve as an aspirational touch stone to guide that cohort in their medical school journey. Members of the class sign the code voluntarily. This student-led tradition began with the M.D. Class of 2016.

MD Class of 2022 students sign honor code

First-year medical students developed the latest honor code to highlight integrity, benevolence, humility and innovation, and to remind themselves about the importance of personal well-being:

"Above all, we are humans. We must take care of our own mental and physical health so that we can be the best physicians we can be. One must be well to do well, and all other virtues grow from this foundation."

The M.D. Class of 2022 honor code will join the other class honor codes posted publicly in the OHSU learning studio at the Robertson Life Sciences Building. The OHSU Code of Conduct – which all students read and attest to – is the university's formal complement to the individual class honor codes.


Upholding the code: M.D. students (left to right) Karishma Patel, Wenelia Baghoomian, Georgia Mae Morrison, Chris Eden and Michael Pontious celebrate the newly signed honor code.