Suzanne Simmons to join Dean’s office/OHSU Practice Plan leadership team

April 24, 2018

Suzanne Simmons, M.B.A., will join the OHSU School of Medicine Dean's office leadership team as chief administrative officer of the OHSU Practice Plan. The appointment is effective May 15. Simmons is currently department administrator and vice chair of administration in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine.

"The chief administrative officer will be essential to helping the OHSU Practice Plan fulfill its goals. Suzanne's leadership track record and familiarity with OHSU make her an excellent fit, and I look forward to working together," said Anthony Masciotra, M.B.A., C.P.A., senior associate dean for clinical practice, OHSU School of Medicine, and chief executive officer of the OPP. "Please help me welcome Suzanne back to the Dean's office."

ISuzanne Simmons, M.B.A.n this role, Simmons will oversee the administrative operations of the OHSU Practice Plan. Working with the OPP CEO, Simmons will provide senior administrative leadership to develop and realize OHSU Practice Plan goals, standardize operations, coordinate policies with affiliated organizations and support all OPP business-related strategies. Simmons will join the OPP senior leadership team comprised of the School of Medicine dean, chief executive officer, chief medical officer, senior associate dean for finance/chief financial officer, chief population heath and value-based care officer, vice president for ambulatory operations, director of practice analytics and other key leaders.

Simmons has been at OHSU since 2010, when she became director of practice analytics for the then-Faculty Practice Plan. In 2013, she joined the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. Simmons earned her Master of Business Administration from Columbia University's Columbia Business School and University of California, Berkeley.

The OHSU health system is expanding, and the OPP chief administrative officer is an important partner as the clinical enterprise continues to fulfill its mission of caring for Oregonians. In particular, Simmons will partner with other practice leaders to help develop community engagement and primary care support structures – two important, growing areas of the OHSU system. Simmons will support School of Medicine clinical chairs and administrators as they hire clinicians for OHSU-affiliated facilities in Hillsboro, East Portland and around the state, easing the administrative burden on departments.

The chief administrative officer staffs several OPP Board committees, including the Compensation Committee and Physician Advisory Council, and supports OPP leadership team meetings. The position collaborates with OHSU Healthcare and School of Medicine executives to continually improve the operational and financial performance of the OPP. 

The chief administrative officer position is part of a leadership structure formulated in 2016, and supports the OPP's role in the expanded clinical enterprise. Funds from an OPP strategic investment pool will support the position for the remainder of fiscal year 2018; going forward, the position is funded by the OPP's operating budget.