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Ninety three faculty members honored during annual promotion and tenure reception

October 13, 2015

Reception 2015On October 12, Dean Mark Richardson and members from the OHSU School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure Committee hosted the annual reception in honor of the faculty members promoted or receiving tenure in 2015.

Promotion and Tenure Committee chair Dave Ellison, M.D., professor of medicine, OHSU School of Medicine, welcomed guests, followed by Dean Richardson who reflected on the impact mentoring had on his own career. The Dean reminded attendees that success doesn't happen in a vacuum. "As the saying goes: no man —or woman—is an island. Individual capabilities are enhanced by the support of our colleagues and mentors." he said.

Three guest speakers – among them two recently-promoted faculty representing different departments, backgrounds and ranks –recounted individual journeys in science and academic medicine.

Linda Muir, M.D., clinical professor of pediatrics, OHSU School of Medicine, was introduced by Dana Braner, M.D., interim chair of pediatrics. In her remarks, Linda commented on her non-traditional path to medicine and thanked the people who were pivotal in her life, from the 8th grade teacher who encouraged her in science, to the mentor who supported her desire to go back to medical school in her 30s. She said, "There are many to thank for the opportunity to serve and to be promoted at OHSU. First are the families – spouses, partners, kids that miss us at baseball games and symphony concerts while we work. Second are the mentors, those that empower and inspire us; those that tell us, 'You can do this – and here's how.'"

Reception 2015Robert Hitzemann, Ph.D., chair of behavioral neuroscience, spoke on behalf of Damien Fair, Ph.D., PA-C, associate professor of behavioral neuroscience, who was unable to attend. Through Dr. Hitzemann, Dr. Fair thanked the members of his lab and shared credit with them for recognition he has received. Dr. Hitzemann further discussed the early success of the collaborative recruitment pool, through which Dr. Fair was hired as faculty. This School of Medicine initiative seeks to facilitate research partnerships between the clinical and basic science departments in ways that foster the rapid translation of discoveries into clinical therapies and treatments. 

Closing the evening, Chris Slatore, M.D., associate professor of medicine, was introduced by Sharon Anderson, M.D., chair of medicine. Dr. Slatore thanked his mentors and family and shared the lessons he'd learned: "I came late to the concept that mentors are important….but during fellowship, I realized that advancing in my career wasn't as easy as reading the manual on which classes to take to get a Bachelors in biology."  

"I've since realized that mentorship is absolutely critical in order to succeed in our profession," he said. 

Reception 2015

Reception 2015








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 Reception 2015Reception 2015       

By the numbers

  • 93 faculty members were promoted from 19 of the school's 26 departments
  • 31 faculty members were promoted to Associate Professor
  • 28 faculty members were promoted to Clinical Associate Professor
  • 1 faculty member were promoted to Research Associate Professor
  • 25 faculty members were promoted to Professor
  • 8 faculty members were promoted to Clinical Professor