Hearts and hands: School of Medicine Alliance gift helps encourage active learning

April 27, 2015

The School of Medicine wishes to thank the School of Medicine Alliance for a recent gift of interactive white boards for the learning studios at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.

Under the new YOUR M.D. curriculum, students are encouraged to interact with educational materials in a very different way. Active learning replaces some didactic instruction, and the Foundations of Medicine course integrates basic, clinical and social science concepts. This dynamic environment provides unique learning opportunities for students. It also means the need for a learning infrastructure that supports this new way of teaching.

“Thank you for yet another much-needed gift to help improve the student experience and to support the school’s innovation in education,” said George Mejicano, M.D. senior associate dean for education, OHSU School of Medicine. “The students are already using the boards in multiple courses, and we’ve seen how their time in the classroom becomes richer as a result of educational technologies like the interactive white boards.” 

Through fundraising events like an annual book sale and Valentine’s Day Chocolate Sale, the School of Medicine Alliance supports special projects that directly benefit students. Among their recent projects, the Alliance has refurbished student study rooms, furnished student on-call rooms and installed bike racks for students in the basement of the Old Library. They also support a popular program called Blankets and Books for Babies which gives children born at OHSU a lovingly-crafted gift. Learn more about the School of Medicine Alliance.