Intergovernmental Agreement with the OCNE Consortium

09/01/16  Portland, Ore.

The Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) Nursing Program received approval from the Higher Education Coordinating Commission to pursue joining the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE).

The Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education (OCNE) is a partnership of eleven Oregon community colleges and six campuses of the OHSU School of Nursing with a shared curriculum taught on all consortium campuses. Through OCNE, Oregon nursing programs can dramatically expand their capacity and enrollment, and prepare graduates of these programs with the competencies to address the rapidly changing health care needs of Oregon's aging and ethnically diverse population.

Paula Gubrud-Howe, Ed.D.,R.N., and associate professor and Angela Spencer, OCNE program manager have worked with our fellow community colleges to help make this program available to students across Oregon. One of the key goals of OCNE is working in collaboration with practice partners early and often while sharing instructional resources.

Upon completion of the process, CGCC will become the 11th Oregon CommunityOCNE agreement College OCNE School and plans are underway to admit the first cohort fall term 2018. An Intergovernmental Agreement with the Consortium has been signed. Advantages of being an OCNE Program include a shared, vetted nursing curriculum and co-admission of Nursing Program students to the OHSU School of Nursing. Co-admission comes with a guarantee that CGCC Nursing Program graduates may continue on for their BS in Nursing at OHSU and can complete this in as little as one year (full time). The CGCC Nursing Program currently has an articulation and transfer agreement with OHSU, but joining the Consortium will provide a stronger link and seamless transition for Program graduates.


Pictured L-to-R are Lori Ufford, Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Frank Toda, CGCC President, and Doris Jepson, Director of Nursing & Health Occupations. Photo credit: Danny DeHaze.